The Benefits of Using Anonymous VPS With Unmetered Traffic

CyberHour, an anonymous VPS & offshore dedicated server provider, today announced the launch of 3 new offshore hosting locations in Los Angeles, US, Amsterdam, NL and London, UK. CyberHour has been rapidly growing globally with literally thousands of registered clients worldwide offering straightforward cloud based web hosting in return for anonymous currency. The company has grown substantially since its incorporation 5 years ago with more than half a million dollars invested into the business. The service currently offers the best overall value with no annual contracts, hidden fees or excessive limits. They offer dedicated IPs and utilize the most advanced VPS technology available.

Private servers are becoming very popular and many providers now offer anonymous VPS hosting as well as offshore hosting. An anonymous VPS is a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which allows users to create their own isolated servers within a hypervisor and use that same infrastructure for both themselves as well as third party applications. The main advantage of using a VPS is that it gives complete isolation from any other virtual machine, ensuring that your applications will operate in the most efficient manner possible. Dedicated Servers on the other hand allow customers to share the same physical hardware and network resources with other clients.

One of the primary benefits of choosing a private VPS over a shared hosting solution is the greater degree of control and privacy afforded to the client. When operating an anonymous VPS, you have full root access to your own server. This gives you the ability to install your own software applications, manage your data files and configure your own networking interfaces. There are a wide range of software applications which can be installed directly onto the Linux operating system through the use of a CD/DVD or through the use of a web browser. This gives you full control over your website, which greatly increases your productivity and reduces the costs associated with maintaining a server side business.

While there are some drawbacks to running anonymous VPS, the advantages far out-weight the minimal performance and scalability problems that are typically associated with VPS hosting. One of the main benefits is the increased level of security which is provided by the VPS platform. As compared to common shared hosting solutions, VPS provide almost unlimited level of security. Shared hosting servers usually have limited support for password protection and often require the use of complex passwords that are known only to the administrator of the server. With a VPS, every user is granted equal access to the root directory of the server, providing them with full root access.

Furthermore, with an anonymous VPS you also get excellent bandwidth efficiency. Shared server hosting servers often saturate the bandwidth of the connection, preventing transactions through the website from moving smoothly. When using Cryptography based applications and services on such shared servers, it’s inevitable that some data will be lost due to excessive traffic on the part of the users. Anonymity is provided by the fact that the root access to the root servers provided by VPS servers, provides full anonymity to the end user. As a result, huge organizations can enjoy increased productivity while enjoying reduced cost and bandwidth use.

While anonymous VPS provides great protection and security to the end user, it does not mean that you are completely free from all forms of attacks and privacy invasion by others. For instance, while you might feel totally secure and anonymous, a malicious client may infiltrate your system and obtain important information. This is exactly what can happen when you use a typical webhosting solution, which does not provide proper encryption levels to secure your system. The best Cryptocurrency VPS solution however, offers full anonymity and full security to the end user. This is done by the use of what is known as the open VPN network.

There are two ways to utilize the anonymous VPS technology with full privacy and protection from others. The first is through using an external desktop or laptop computer to access the cryptocurrency server. This method is not advisable, mainly because you are sharing the same network as the other users of the Cryptocurrency VPS service. One major advantage of the xeon e5-2650 v2 processor based Cryptocurrency Virtual Private Server is that it has an improved networking and server stability over previous models. It is also equipped with four high quality LSI drives, which make it easy to add new devices such as additional desktops and laptops. This new feature makes the xeon e5-2650 v2 processor based Cryptocurrency Virtual Private Server a great investment for anyone seeking to maximize their current Cryptocurrency Virtual Private Server (CVS) infrastructure.

The second way to utilize the anonymous VPS technology with full protection against others is through unmetered traffic. Unmetered traffic is when the server receives and sends data as it is needed without putting the data on the client’s system. This feature makes the anonymous VPS extremely useful to businesses that may need a system to function even without customers or other users having access to the server itself. An unmetered traffic connection will not affect the performance of your Cryptocurrency VPS service. The xeon e5-2650 v2 processor running in the newest model of the xeon virtual private server is capable of providing you with extremely fast unmetered bandwidth which will allow you to experience an optimized browsing environment while saving money and time on your web hosting provider.

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