Choosing a Homeopath

One of the places to start is the Medella Wellness natural health clinic. They have a facility at their web site where you can understand more about their services.

How do you understand which clinic is good? Just because a homeopath is registered with the AHA, the AAPH or the VRCH, does not mean that they will be the homeopath for you. I have found that a good rapport needs to exist between a person and their homeopath. In fact, I have changed my homeopath several times. If you see a homeopath and you don’t feel comfortable with them then you are less likely to give them all the information, they need to complete their case taking.

Personally, I prefer to go by word-of-mouth. Just because someone has a famous name, a listing in a directory, or a web site, does not necessarily mean that they are a good practitioner of homeopathy. If someone takes the time to mention the name of a homeopath to me, then I take note because, as in any industry, people are more likely to criticize than to praise. So, any homeopath recommended to me is a homeopath worth remembering when it comes time to find someone for myself, or friends who require referrals.

Why should I not recommend my own homeopath to friends? Well, for starters, my homeopath is in the UK (where I currently reside). Secondly, fees vary from one practitioner to the next. So, when recommending a homeopath, I always ask what someone is willing to pay, bearing in mind you cannot put a cost on good health.

Having said that, the first homeopath to be beneficial I found purely by chance. I was looking in a shop window in Toowoomba and noticed a flyer for a first aid homeopathic course run by someone whose name I did not even recognise. The course was relatively cheap and so I signed up. I spent 10 Monday evenings listening to them, the basic philosophy of homeopathy and several mini tests to become a fairly comprehensive first aid prescriber.

I liked the way the course was able to break down some fairly heavy material into easily comprehensible chunks. I also liked the way she chose to prescribe, so it was an easy choice for me to go and see her.

As the third homeopath I’d seen, this was a good choice, she helped me to regain a level of health my GP said I would never see again.  Eventually, however, I moved to a homoeopath who practiced along the lines that I eventually wish to practice and who has moved my case beyond my expectations.

If, however, you haven’t met anyone who has seen a homeopath, the best place to start is still the Medella Wellness natural health clinic in Toowoomba. Other places to look are health food shops, the Yellow Pages, the internet (although many practitioners will not be listed..

If you are not happy, then move on, but please take the time to explain to your homoeopath why you are moving on, and remember you are entitled to request a copy of your case notes, but it is at the discretion of the practitioner as to whether or not they give them to you.  A situation reinforced by legislation in Australia and one I find abhorrent.  I would recommend that you see each homeopath for at least three consultations before deciding whether or not they are right for you.

There are many different ways to prescribe in homeopathy and each homeopath will have his/her own method. My personal preference is: give one remedy, after careful and thorough consultation, watch and wait.

Some homeopaths will tell you the name of the remedy they are giving you and some will not. It is up to you whether or not you want to know.   Note:  I have been informed, recently, that there is yet another piece of legislation that requires the practitioner to label the remedy they give you with a “descriptive label”.

Make sure that when the consultation with your homeopath is over, you have complete and thorough instructions on how to take the remedy. Also be sure that you know when to contact your homeopath, i.e. if you contract the flu or other illness, or have a life-altering incident between consultations, because this will affect your treatment.

As your treatment progresses, you will have many questions to put to your homeopath, and he/she should be more than happy to answer them.


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