Corelle Dinnerware Set

If you ask anyone who owns a Corelle dinnerware set to talk about the product, one word is often used-indestructible.  This is not strictly true; Corelle dinnerware set pieces can be broken.  It isn’t easy, however, and owners report instances of dropped plates that bounced off the floor with no chip or crack, or of a Corelle dinnerware set that has survived multiple moves without one piece receiving any sort of damage.

You can find a Corelle dinnerware set to suit any taste.  There is such a wide variety of shapes, patterns, and colors available that it is not uncommon for some people to own more than one set.

If you want a traditional motif, consider a Corelle dinnerware set with round plates and patterns that resemble fine china.  Roses or ivy around the edges of the plates are classic designs that have remained popular for many years for all tableware types.  There is also a set that is pure white, with no design, for the ultimate in classic elegance.

You can also buy a Corelle dinnerware plates set with a more art deco feel.  Most of these designs offer square plates and more dramatic patterns.  Some feature the standard round plates, but use more vibrant colors, such as red, in the patterns.  Many of this type of Corelle dinnerware set use abstract patterns to decorate the dishes, either around the edges or across the entire plate.

Country motif fans can also find a Corelle dinnerware set to suit their tastes.  Animals, ducks, and patterns inspired by folk art can be found in both round and square plate designs.  You can also buy a set with an Oriental influence, such as a cherry blossom pattern or orange flowers.

Some patterns in the Corelle dinnerware set family are confined to the edges of the dishes.  Others, however, feature a pattern that spreads across the surface of the plate.  Both round and square plates offer patterns in both types of designs.  Also, you can sometimes find similar designs in both round and square.

And you can find a set with background colors other than white.  You can set a very dramatic table with the set in black or blue, and there are some simple patterns with a variegated color plan.

In addition to being durable, a Corelle dinnerware set needs less room in the cabinet than many other styles such as stoneware.  Thinner and lighter weight than most, you can often fit an entire set on one shelf.  Its light weight also makes it a good choice for those who have problems lifting or holding heavy pieces.

There are many completer pieces available to complement your Corelle dinnerware set.  Additional serving bowls, platters, gravy boats, and casserole dishes can be found in almost every pattern.  In addition, you may be able to buy individual components of your Corelle dinnerware set as open stock pieces.  This is handy should an element of your set be damaged, or if you want to add more place settings.

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