The Inspiring Story of a Self Made Billionaire

We hear many success stories of millionaires and how they managed to achieve success in live.  Not everyone is born rich, some work their way through hardships and face a lot of problems in order to get to the point where they do not need to even lift a finger. Some of the common examples of such billionaires are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and many more renowned personalities. But in this article we will take a look at the inspiring story of a self made billionaire Jimmy John Liautaud.

Jimmy John Liautaud Owner of a sandwich chain called the Jimmy John’s is pretty famous due to his hard work and top notch sandwiches. He was just a high school graduate back when he started Jimmy John’s in 1983. He started his venture with just 25000 dollars which he borrowed from his father.

With the money he had, he did his best to create a unique taste for his sandwiches and eventually succeeded in making a name for themselves. He chose a spot where a lot of students came and sandwiches are something that students consumed a lot. He kept his shop open for late hours and a lot of students came and when his sales started increasing he started franchising Jimmy John’s.

In the year 1993, his sandwich chain already had 10 franchises. This only increased over time and by 2002 he had more than 150 franchises. But not everything always goes as plan, his business suffered a lot when almost 70 of his franchises started failing. It was then that he decided to stop franchising altogether and instead his main focus remained at controlling the damage his ventures received.

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