Leedon Green Condos and Homes

The Ledyon-Green condominiums offer an ideal location to live, as well as convenient for convenient shopping, office, and educational facilities.” -Ngage News Singapore. With the upcoming opening of an MRT train into the city, it is expected to become even more convenient for residents to go to their place of work or be able to walk to nearby schools and other facilities. This will be an added advantage to the relatively high property price tags that come with these units.

Located within close proximity to the Singapore Art Museum and the Singapore Zoo, Leedon Green is perfect for people who love to shop and dine at its bustling bazaars and shopping malls. The neighborhood is also frequented by people going to or coming back from night clubs and bars. There are many restaurants and cafes in and around the vicinity that also serve alcohol. A walking distance from the MRT Station, Leedon Green is home to a new mixed-use business venture, the Leedon Tulip Garden. The mall features retail shops, restaurants, and several restaurants that offer special Asian and Singaporean dishes.

The Leedon Green community has been built on the premise of an environmentally sustainable model. Located directly next to the Farrer Road MRT Station, the residents of the community are close to the convenience of both the MRT and the mall. Located within walking distance of Farrer Road, residents of the Leedon Green condominiums have access to major businesses and shopping centers. The residents are also very close to the schools, businesses, and other amenities that are available in the immediate area.

The Leedon Green community offers residents all the modern conveniences of life. Residents have access to Farrer Road, which is one of the premier shopping centres in the country. Shopping centres are often strategically located near important residential areas. Residents are also close to the MRT station and the Singharaja temple. Residents can get to their favourite destination, such as Farrer Road, within ten mins using the public transportation services.

Another great advantage of buying a property in Leedon Green is that the prices are affordable. The property is located on prime land that is in close proximity to important business centres and other residential areas. In addition to this, the prices of the properties in the holland are lower than those in other parts of the country. So if you want to invest in a property, then Leedon Green is a perfect place to purchase a property.

One of the major benefits of investing in the Leedon Green condominiums is the availability of affordable real estate. Not only are the prices cheaper than other properties in Singapore, but the Leedon Green farrer road condominium site is situated at a very good distance from the major Singapore exchange centres, such as the central business district and the Sentosa Island. There are also less crowded streets around the property, making it ideal for first-time home buyers and investors. The Singapore Exchange is about two to three kilometres away from the farrer road condominium site.

With a variety of properties around the Singapore River, Leedon Green provides residents with an ideal place to live, work and play. The vicinity is close to the Yacht and Beach Resort, the Singapore Botanical Garden and the Singapore Art Museum. Moreover, it is also close to the major Singapore shops such as the MRT Station and the Central Business Districts (CBDs). The former road mRT station is also just about a 10 minutes walk from the Yacht and Beach Resort, making this an ideal place to spend your holiday, whether you are there for business or pleasure.

Leedon Green is ideal for people who are looking for an investment opportunity that is far enough away to offer them peace and quiet. The property also offers residents a chance to live in a relatively safe and secure environment. In fact, crime statistics in Singapore are relatively low. This makes Leedon Green a popular choice among international and Singaporean buyers and investors.