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Selfmade Racks & Mounting Techniques for Hard Disk Drives

Here are guides to build a rack for computer hard disk drives as well as HOWTOs for different HDD slot mounting techniques. If you have written a tutorial yourself (or if you know of tips and tricks not mentioned here), please submit a new entry.

Custom Hard Disk Rack [external link]Are your harddisks running warm, or are you out of space for new drives? What about giving them some more air? Here you have the answer: A strong, elegant, homemade harddisk rack.
Adding Extra Hard Drive Brackets [external link]Have 10 hard drives in your case and you finally ran out of room? You just need to add a couple of extra gigs just for backup purposes but you realized after buying that mid-tower that the case only has two 3 1/2 drive bays? If that's your problem here's a simple way to mount a drive inside a case, using two slot spacers as brackets.
HDD WipeOut Station [external link]How to wipe out and securely erase the data of 16 hard disk drives in under 10 minutes, 8 IDE and 8 SCSI drives at a time. This HOWTO shows how to add four additional Molex connectors to the IDE wire.
Vertical HDD Mounting [archived link]This guide explains how to mount two 3.5-Inch HDDs vertically into their slot using the Cooltek Disk Silencer. This way the 5.25-Inch slots will be kept free, the HDDs become decoupled and the cooling will be optimized (in German).
Hard Drive Replacement [external link]Illustrated HOWTO about replacing a hard drive in a PC.
Build a Computer - Installing Hard Drives [external link]There are three basic hard drive technologies in use in today's PC's, and here all three are covered.
Ghetto Hard Drive Selector [external link]A guide about a hard drive selector to accommodate two operating systems on two different hard disks. Perfect for someone like he who uses Microsoft-Windows for gaming and Linux for business.
Hard Drive Power LED Swap [external link]How to change the HDD power LED in the front panel of the computer case.
Selfmade Storage Pods [external link]Build Your Own $2.8M Petabyte Disk Array For $117k. This guide follows two primary goals: Keep upfront costs low by using consumer-grade drives and readily available commodity components and be as power and space efficient as possible by using green components and squeezing a lot of storage into a small box. The result is a 4U rack-mounted Linux-based server that contains 67 terabytes at a material cost of $7,867, the bulk of which goes to purchase the drives themselves.

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