Seven Values Making McDonalds Franchise Stand Out

McDonalds franchise is a worldwide brand currently in over one hundred countries serving over 68 million each single day. In the operating countries, McDonald’s operates over 30,000 restaurants that translate to the employment of millions of personnel in countries they operate in. To ensure the company stays off on top of its standards, it has set values in countries they operate in. The seven core values are as outlined below;

The customer comes first; the customer is the king, and his or her priorities come first. It is because of them that McDonalds franchise continues to exist and expand. Because of that, the company aims to provide quality foods and excellent service in a relaxed, peaceful environment. Each customer deserves quality and timely service to ensure they have a value of their cash spent there.

Commitment to the people; the company provides a chance for every employee to showcase their talent and nurture them into leaders. This creates a diverse team in the working environment among the employees that drives respect, personal satisfaction and hard work ensuring continued success.

McDonald’s system of operation; the franchise is developed on McDonald’s model known as a “three-legged stool”. The model combines the suppliers, company employees and franchisees who form the foundation of its business. The design ensures interests of the three groups are balanced all instances to ensure a smooth flow in the chain of operations.

All business activities are ethical; all transactions at all franchises are carried out in an honest, high level of integrity at fairness at all levels. Each employee is accountable individually, and if a team is responsible, they take a collective responsibility.

Corporate social responsibilities; the company gives back to the communities they operate in. They help the customers build their communities, support charities, utilize resources and in the long run, make the areas they serve in a better place. This lay foundation for the development of future generations as the business is committed to sustainable business practices that will not hamper future generations in meeting their needs.

All partners are profit oriented; McDonald’s aim for profit at all times. All stakeholders aim at satisfying the customers’ needs as they are king. Because of this, the management seeks to provide channels for profitable growth to all members and investors.

Strive for continuous improvement; the company is always flexible to changing business practices, employee affairs, and customer and community preferences. In business, all stages are in constant evolution and inventions all around us.

All this values revolve around the customer and the employee at this facilities. For prosperity in any business, the two groups play the major in McDonalds Franchise growth.

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