WhatsApp Marketing and Promotion

Using WhatsApp Marketing Solutions to Market Product and Services

Compared to print, radio and TV or SMS, WhatsApp Marketing is an extremely low-cost form of advertising. Large numbers of people can be reached quickly and easily and benefiting from no cost marketing method.

Mobile users as a matter of course check WhatsApp messages ensuring that your message is seen, and as such your promotion is often more likely to make an impact than is the case with more expensive advertising media.

Where customers and enquirers have opted into a database, such as a newsletter list, WhatsApp is more likely to be noticed than an incoming email.

WhatsApp Database

The creation of a database of opt-in mobile phone subscribers is a useful marketing tool for promoting business products and services.

Providing customers and enquirers the ability to opt into a newsletter list when making contact with your business, often via a web site, is commonly used in building an opt-in database.

Additionally, WhatsApp subscribers, or entrants to an WhatsApp promotion such as a text-to-win competition, can automatically create a useable WhatsApp subscriber database.

Update Customers

WhatsApp marketing software can be used to keep subscribed customers and the public updated with the latest company news and staff appointments, special promotions and product launches, share prices and provide links to financial reports.

Being an opt-in database, subscribers are happy to receive marketing texts and the service meets regulatory requirements, avoiding being considered as spam.

Marketing Stickiness

The no cost advantage of WhatsApp message (except software or cost of the script) for promotion allows a campaign to be followed up with another easily and cheaply. Given the likelihood that the texts will be viewed allows marketers to create an effective and sticky campaign with subsequent transmissions. Obviously frequency and quantity need to be well judged.

The high level of mobile phone ownership, combined with the immediacy of delivery with recipients usually carrying their mobile phones, provides WhatsApp Marketing with an advantage over other forms of media, or makes it a useful adjunct in a multi-pronged marketing attack.

WhatsApp Marketing Idea

Product or brand awareness can be enhanced using a text-to-win WhatsApp Marketing competition entailing the entrant participating in a poll in order to enter. These competitions are often displayed on product packaging and WA Script can provide all the mechanisms required to run a successful on-pack campaign.

WhatsApp Marketing software like WAScript provides effective low-cost advertising for:

  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • New Product or New Model Launches
  • Customer Information Updates
  • Special Promotional Offers
  • Company News
  • Internal Staff Communications
  • Event Management and Co-ordination
  • WhatsApp Marketing Competitions
  • Appointment Reminders

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